What Is Borrowed Life?


What is Borrowed Life? 

Founded by a Filipino/American entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland USA. Her inspiring story has touched so many people's lives by sharing her powerful and life changing story

We want to INSPIRE you and use this brand as a "Platform" to live your life with PURPOSE, share love to you and have passion to live for purpose. Our core values is to create an atmosphere of hope and bring more inspirational life stories to share.

When you make a purchase to any of our Borrowed Life product(s) you are supporting our core values of LIFE. When we are all in this  "together we can" provide support for people with mental disabilities, dementia, alzheimer, any types of cancer, unplanned pregnancy, educations for illiteracy, and who serves as first responders, health care providers and other frontline workers serving to the unprivileged nations around the world.


  • To innovate and continue to provide new products and services worldwide.
  • To promote a brand with a difference maker in mind.


  •  To share life's purpose and passion to live wisely that every moment count. 
  • Develop, create an atmosphere that promotes life to spread love and peace to mankind.
  • Providing support to serve families in crisis of their basic needs.